FreakOut - Native Ad Network

New Style Ad Network Focus On Smartphone

New style ad network

"FreakOut Native" is the Ad Network focusing on smartphone In-feed style Native Ads.

Nowadays, the point of contact with the information is shifting to mobile.
It might be able to exceed revenue and preserve user experience by using this ad format which has similar format with contents.

“FreakOut” is using a similar frame or layout to match website’s or app layout because users feel annoying against the banner ad formats.

Examples of native ads are social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter (with the word “sponsored” on) Native ad is specifically displayed between content and is fitted to the tone and manner of the publishers website or layout.
Hereby it perfectly blends into to the content around it.

Both Publisher and Advertiser can get profits efficiently from mobile traffic, keeping their brands with seamless and uninterrupted ads.

Screen Shots

It is adaptable to a variety of formats

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